Feb 18, 2008

So wrong. So So wrong.

I can't stomach much before coffee and sadly, I saw this photo on Gizmodo before I could down my first gulp. I hate when that happens. Coffee helps my world stay round. But I digress...see...the coffee thing....
Obviously, eating out is one of my favorite hobbies. I say obvious because if you have been reading my blog for any lenght of time you know how obsessed I am with good food and bad lighting in restaurants (we need to petition for candlelight). Also, at closer look, you may have noticed my pants button bursting at the seams...but that's another story. This broad abroad really loves the good food in Belgium, where even the smallest of snack shops and brasseries can provide an enjoyable home cooked meal. Friteries with sauce andalouse....LOVE. We often frequent a middle eastern place (can't even tell you the name) on place Jourdan on Sundays. Mamma Roma's also on Place Jourdan is a great place for for pizza on the fly, still homemade, quick and cheap. And you can even get a slice of Americana at Le Balmoral, also called 'The Milkbar', on place Brugmann, complete with hooker-pink diner seating and old chevys on the walls. Grease is the word! One thing is certain, food need not be expensive to be good in Europe. But I can bet this can be said of most countries in the world, non? America? Canada? Mexico? Seriously, it's not that hard with a little effort to eat well and inexpensively. So I BEG YOU TO TELL ME.....why...why why why did someone need to invent the canned hamburger??? For what purpose? Camping trips? Bomb shelters? Zone dieting?

The good news about this photo, I may never eat again and thus will be able to fit in my bikini by summer (as if own a bikini). I am ruined on hamburgers for a while. I can only imagine the assembly line that stuffed this chemically injected 'burger' into a can then sealed it shut with some preservative seasoning. I DOUBT it came out of the can looking like that either...sesame seeds in tact. Big fluffy bun. Lettuce crisp. Snort. Why not just sell hot dogs in a jar as a side with some powdered catsup? Would you like some canned fries with that? I love that it's a pop top can. I have images of those snakes that fly out of cans in some zany magic show, only the snakes have now been replaced by ...foam hamburgers. POP! Doh, you got me!

Please, for me, for humanity, go out and get some real food tonight at one of Brussels' 1000+ super restos. I don't even care if it comes in a chinese takeout box, or maybe get a delicious samosa wrapped in paper from the place in Etterbeek whose name I also don't know. Just please, please, please , whatever you do, stay away from the can opener before meal time.

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