Mar 7, 2008

You Know You're An Expat When/If... part quatre

Thanks to Melinda for these.

Thanks to all who have contributed. This will be the last post of You know you're an expat when...but please feel free to send them to me anyway for amusement sake.

You know you're an Expat when - just buy things without the exchange rate racing through your brain, and asking yourself "How much does this cost in "real" money?"

...when you return to the states and go grocery shopping/out for a meal/retail shopping after 4pm on a Sunday just because you can


Joey said...

Hi! We just found out we're moving to Belgium (Mons) and I'm looking to find the inside scoop on everything from best international cell phones to kid friendly fun. We have 3 girls ages 2, 4 and 6 months. I have tons of questions...any tips for this overwhelmed mommy? xo Thanks! Joey

Kimberley Lovato said...


It can be overwhelming and I am not familiar with Mons. However a good place to start would check the local American women's club. They often have resources for moms, a creche (child care) and people who have already been there and done it. THe AWCB is large with about 4-500 members if you want to take the train in for that but with a 2 year old... Cell phones are always a tough one. Honestly, you are better off calling from your home line or better yet, set up an internet Skype account, downloadable free. You can make calls to other skype users this way at no charge. Mobistar and Proximus are the cell phone carriers around these parts. Make sure you understand the hidden fees and also beware you can get signed up for a subscription for a year without signing anything. So, ask! Good luck. Email when you get in town.