May 13, 2008

Brussels Airlines Responds

Wow, someone actually reads my blog! Here is a response I got from Tony at Brussels Airlines regarding my last posting. He clarifies a few things for me and hopefully for you too about change fees and brussels airlines.

"Kimberley, Your posting on the web blog caught my eye and I have started a little investigation, but I guess I need some more information.... I have also checked the rule for changes to b.light tickets to NCE, because I believe you might be misinformed.
The 4 lowest fares indeed do not allow changes (Ranging from EUR 1.00 oneway plus tax to EUR45.00 one-way plus tax).
The other b.light fares ranging from EUR 65.00 plus tax to 130.00 plus tax, do allow changes at EUR30.00 per changed flight.
All b.flex fares, starting at EUR 160.00 allow changes free of charge."

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