Jan 14, 2009

Adult Juice Boxes

Now I have heard/read about some strange food in my life. Canned hamburgers. Spam. Seahorse on a stick. But here in Belgium, where cuisine is king and delicious wine is cheap, I ask you WHY is this necessary? Juice box wine. Now when I was in university, I admit...we drank boxed wine, the kind with the little spicket for easy pouring pleasure. I was young, poor and really didn't know much about wine. I don't know much more today but I do know this: it should not be drunk by stabbing a plastic straw into the top of its vessel and sipping it like a capri sun.

To add insult (?) to injury...it has a year on it 2006. And for the record, it's a bordeaux!

Maybe these are all the rage ? Have I missed something? Can't you just picture the mums at the play date, handing out juice boxes. "Oops, sorry darling. That one's mummy's!" Or perhaps we all need six packs of these in our desk drawers. Coffee break takes on all kinds of possibilities.

Tell me, anyone, have these new adult juice boxes been around for a while? Or have I discovered the next great party favor!

Do tell.

Slurp, hiccup. My juice box is good.

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