Jun 10, 2010

Wake Up and Smell The Coffee

Anyone who knows me knows how much: 1 . I hate bad lighting in a restaurant and 2. I love coffee.

While I sipped my morning/afternoon Joe, this article percolated on my screen, and I thought I'd share it with you. It's all about coffee rituals around the world. I am an admitted coffee addict; the queen of caffeine, and I sipped in every word. As I prepare to leave Europe, I can tell you I will miss the civilized manner in which coffee is served here in Belgium and in France. On a tray, with a cup ( a real one, not cardboard or foam) with a saucer, a little spoon, and a sweet on the side. I hope to bring a little of that coffee culture back to San Francisco with me. I'm in search of the little silver trays, if anyone knows where to find them.

What's your favourite coffee experience/tradition?

Enjoy this article from Your Life Is A Trip

Photo by Kimberley Lovato


Anonymous said...

That's definitely something I would miss too. I love the little things like that which turn something rather ordinary into a lovely experience.

~ T ~ said...

I haven't read the article yet, but I just wanted to say that where I am from (Central Asia) coffee isn't so big. We sometimes drink the fake coffee like Nescafe. But, only if we can have extra money since that's expensive. During my college years in the US though I learned the joy of coffee. I drank it all the time. But prefer it weak still. Nowadays, I am going back to tea. That's what people in Central Asia drink instead. Lots and lots of tea.
~ T

Kimberley Lovato said...

Thank you both for the comments. I love coffee and I brought a lot of little trays back to California with me so I can serve in a civilized manner. I love coffee in a real cup. Tea is also very calming. I tend to drink that at night. I'd love to learn more about tea, and even learn the art of tea ceremony. Any tips? Thanks for reading.