Aug 24, 2010

Edible Idioms

Food & France: two of my favorite subjects.  That's why I've decided to link them and create  Edible Idioms.  Click here to support my endeavor and subscribe.    Don't worry, you won't get 1,000 emails a day, I promise.  Maybe one every two three weeks.    What's it all about?
Well, like I said, it's about food and France, and learning French.  

Tomber dans les pommes (To fall into the apples)
To Faint; To Pass Out
Illustration by Andrew Costabile
I have spent the better part of 20 years learning French (trying anyway) and in researching my book, Walnut Wine & Truffle Groves, I collected over 100 idiomatic expressions related to food, cooking, kitchens, farms.  If you have ever learned a language, you know it's these pervasive expressions that add color and depth to your learning, and conversations.   And since food and language (and mealtime) are culturally significant in France, it's no surprise these expressions would be a part of daily life there.  And, they are funny!

Are you curious what  "fall into the apples"  (Tomber dans les pommes) or "sing like a saucepan" (Chanter comme une casserole) means? Sign up, and support my next project while you're at it.  Whet your appetite for the language and your love of food. Subscribe here.

And please, suggest this blog, and Edible Idioms to your fabulous foodie Francophile friends.  Say that five times fast.  Merci!

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