May 26, 2011

Have Books- Will Travel: Two Picks This Month

I love to travel and I love a good story, so it's no surprise my latest coup de coeur is the newly released anthology by Travelers' Tales "The Best Women's Travel Writing"  2011 edition.  Of course I'm extremely envious of all the women present in the book, not only because they are there in print (I keep submitting), but also because of the spiritual, adventurous and emotional journeys these women undertook before putting pen to paper. From the moment editor Lavinia Spaulding's introduction told me how she first identified herself as a traveler, I was hooked. And each subsequent story had me looking inward at my own travel memories as well as internet searching the places mentioned in each. Wanderlust ensued. Well-written and inspiring, these tales of travel are the perfect read to accompany you on your summer vacation, be it near or far flung.

May 26th: If you are in San Francisco tonight, head to Books, Inc. on Chestnut to pick up a copy, meet the editor, and a few of the writers too.


While I was an expat for six years, and blogging about it (, I received dozens of emails from wide-eyed Americans contemplating a move abroad, asking me questions about how to fit in, whether or not to learn the local language, and what to expect. The common denominator among them all was the search for an answer that made sense, as well as reassurance that they were not alone in their fear. This new book, Expat Women: Confessions, by the founders of,  does just that, and answers the questions that plague us in the middle of the night or while opening yet another confusing letter from the local government. The simple question-answer format makes it easy for the reader to zero in on a quick answer to common expat questions, sorted by situation in the book.  The answers are thoughtful and empathetic, but it's the questions posed by expats around the world that remind us that, as expats, our worries and joys are universal, no matter where we come from or where we are going. This in itself is the most comforting of all. 

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