Aug 11, 2011

Winnipeg Week

Lt. Colebourne and Winnie
This week I'm visiting Winnipeg.  If you are not Canadian, or not married to one like I am, then you probably have the same response as my family and friends, which sounds something like "huh?" and is often accompanied by a head tilt.  So, to help spread the word about the capital city of Manitoba (a Canadian province if you didn't already know) I'm declaring this Winnipeg Week and share this fun furry fact about the Prairie City. 

Winnie The Pooh was named after the city of Winnipeg by Lt. Harry Colebourne who, on his way to join the war efforts in England in 1914, purchased a black bear and named it "Winnie" after his home town. Eventually Winnie found his way to the London Zoo and became a favourite attraction, especially loved by frequent visitor A.A. Milne and his son Christopher Robin Milne, who named his teddy bear after Winnie.

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