Dec 10, 2011

Must Sees Brussels

Cover image. 
Must Sees Brussels, a new international title joining Michelin's the Must Sees series, is colorful, compact, and fits in your pocket, making it the ideal travel companion. And, this  one was written entirely by me this past summer.  Phew.  Lot of work, but I am always proud to write about a city and country I love so much. Many people overlook Brussels, or only stop for a quick glance between train connections. But Brussels has more to offer than a statue of a peeing boy and some seriously good beer. I should know---I lived there for six years and miss it every day.  Let this book, and me, be your guide to the world-class museums, top restaurants, activities for kids, tucked away neighborhoods, fresh markets, shops, and more that, in my opinion, make Brussels one of Europe's best capital cities. Included are side trips to nearby cities, like the bustling university and beer town of Leuven and the adrenaline-fueled, yet relaxation town of Spa, in the Ardennes.  Color photos highlight the country's best, and the book also features mini-guides to  Belgium’s other Michelin three-star cities: Antwerp, Bruges and Ghent.  Do it all with Michelin Must Sees!

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