Apr 27, 2012

The Little Noses Know

They’re called priest hats, little noses, and many say the origin of the word cuberdon is a variant of French cul de bourdon (bottom of the bumblebee). But i just call them delish!

I had never seen them before I moved to Belgium in 2004, and I recall the wooden carts in Ghent filled with the traditional raspberry flavor cone-shaped-candy. Oh how many bags full of these did I eat in my six years of living abroad? Only the little noses know for sure!

Cuberdon are most tied to Ghent but you can find them everywhere around Belgium, in dozens of flavors and colors, but raspberry is still my favorite. Since they must be eaten within eight weeks (the gooey center hardens over time), cuberdons have not been shipped abroad, until now! (insert fanfare here).  

Check out  Cuberdons Léopold (and join their facebook page too). They just began packaging and shipping them.  Oh happy day.

Now I can have a the little noses of Ghent, and a taste of my beloved former home in Belgium, at home in San Francisco.  Merci Cuberdons Léopold.


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