Jun 20, 2012

Fête de La Musique

Summer Solstice has arrived and in France it means longer days and music in a nationwide (maybe even worldwide) celebration known as Fete de la Musique.

This idea was first hatched in 1976 by American musician Joel Cohen, then working for the national French radio station "France Musique." Cohen proposed an all-night music festival on summer solstice, inviting amateurs and professionals to play music in the streets. The idea was noodled by the French Minister of Culture in 1981, eh voila, the first fete took place in 1982.

Since then,  June 21 has been dubbed Fête de la Musique and is a musical one night stand for local musicians, dancers, and singers to perform live in the squares and restaurants, outside doorways, or anywhere they please really. 

If you've been eyeing that dusty accordion in your closet, today would be the day to blow off the coating of dust and embarrassment that has kept it hidden, and come out and play.  

Go on---make music and celebrate the summer!

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