Jul 8, 2012

The Legendary Le Negresco---100 Years!

When I was in high school and taking the only French class offered, my teacher Madame Danne asked the students what we'd like to be when we grew up. After the would-be doctors, lawyers, vets, and teachers, declared their goals, I said, "I'd like to be the U.S. ambassador to France." While I never pursued a career in government, I feel that as a traveler, writer, and homeowner in France, I am somewhat of an ambassador---writing about and traveling around France, hoping to sway opinion of a people and a country that, much like my own, is often misunderstood or caught in the sucker punch of sweeping generalization. I love France. I have since I was a little girl despite the fact I have not a single drop of French blood in me. It often feels more home than home. And each time I return, I find it harder to leave. So it was an honor, a privilege, a dream really, to be a part of the kick off celebration for the 100th year of the iconic Le Negresco hotel in Nice, France this week. Amidst the countless pieces of art, the historic guest register, and beneath a gleaming Baccarat crystal chandelier commissioned by Czar Nicolas II, I raised a glass to the legendary hotel, and to my good fortune to be a part of its history. The U.S. ambassador to France was not in attendance, but I was.  Merci Le Negresco.

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Julie Mautner said...

KL: I feel like those exiled people in the cruise commercials...back home to real life. Where's my morning coffee in that lovely flowered pot? Where's my big balcony overlooking the sea? Where's my Michelin two-star picnic?? I enjoyed sharing this special weekend with you!