Jan 30, 2013

Spotted By Locals Has Arrived (and is coming to a city near you)!

Bart and Sanne van Poll of Spotted By Locals

It's the dream of most of the wanderlust-afflicted folks I know to journey the world, meet local people in far-flung locations, and maybe earn a few bucks while doing it.
This was also the dream of these fabulous Amsterdam-based travelers and married couple Bart and Sanne van Poll, a dream born over a beer in Brussels in 2007. The dream quickly blossomed into their reality -- a popular alternative travel website calledSpotted By Locals where over 240 hand picked contributors, called spotters, in 44 cities across Europe wax lyrical about their favorite places in their home cities.  Spotted By Locals just announced their launch in the America, with spotters already on the ground in San Francisco and New York.  Read the rest of the interview

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