Feb 10, 2008

A Broad Goes Swiss Miss

So, we arrived in St. Moritz today and as usual, Switzerland does not disappoint. St.Moritz of course has the reputation of being the chi chi ski place on the planet, and with boutiques like Chanel, Versace, Gucci, Pucci among others lining the street, I can see why. However, there is a remarkably relaxed feel about the place (with lots of ass kissing) which means...our kinda place!! While there are loads of women wearing fur, there are plenty of us in jeans and good ol' fashioned ski jackets and mustard stains on our gap down vests. Tres chic, non? Today in St. Moritz, a one of a kind event called "White Terf" took place. Because I am an obsessed researcher, I planned in advance and got tickets for us. For you city folk, "White Terf" is horse racing on the frozen lake and snow. Incredible to watch and they do it up right here in the alps. Live music, champagne flowing and bmws and rolls royces to sit in and admire. I sat in a mini cooper and now I really want one. Luckily for John, it won't fit in the carry on. It's definitely lifestyles of the rich and famous (or infamous) around here. We're neither but lifestyles of the comfortable and unknown doesn't have the same cache. Still, families abound and we are looking forward to hitting the slopes (probably literally for me). Tons of kids chloe's age and mostly English and Italian speakers. More gorgeous photos to come. Stay tuned for Chloe on skis part I.... Bisous from 6000 feet above sea level.

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