Feb 12, 2008

Champagne Climate

St. Moritz boasts a 'champagne climate'. I have yet to determine if it is because of its impeccably sublime weather (322 sunny days per year) or because more champagne is consumed here than any place I have ever seen. Either way...my kind of place. You can see from the photos that Chloe looks a little nervous, like a lamb to slaughter, on her first morning of skiing. John was more worried because she was in a car full of Italian boys and knows those Italian boys. John and I hit the slopes on day one and were stunned at the beauty. By the first 300 meters I was sweating in my jacket built to withstand a blizzard and minus 45 degree temps. I clearly had over dressed and left my 'light' ski jacket at home. Who knew in FEBRUARY you'd get spring skiing. Seriously, it is about 35 degrees (F) and sunny. At lunch, see photos, this place was pouring champagne non-stop. See rack of empty bottles. Again, my kind of place. We skied into our 'parking' spot and sat down on the terrace where sunbathers basked the afternoon away. If I didn't have to ski down to our hotel, I would have stayed here all day. The kids are amazing. They are fearless and tear down the slopes. I am tentative, even on some of the harder beginner runs and only had one spread eagle moment. No yard sale yet. Chloe loved her first day it turns out. Me, I am intoxicated by the stunning scenery and maybe a little bit of champagne. Cheers for now. xoxo

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