Nov 17, 2008

The PERFECT gift for that person who has everything

Ok so I rarely have a 'coup de foudre' while shopping. Normally I ponder an item over and over and over until I either 1. forget about it (my husband's preferred option) or 2. Think about it day and night until I hunt it down and buy it in 3 colors, and share the find with friends. (I have the shoe collection to prove the latter).

Saturday I went to the American Women's Club Christmas Bazaar where in the past the halls have been decked with great finds for me (if you look beyond the crafty ornaments and hand made jewelry). Last year a Dutch painter caught my eye and I bought four of her "tres mignon" oil paintings for my house in France. This year, my love at first site moment came in the form of another artist AND she is here, in Brussels!!

Gretchen of G & M Design creates typographic artowrk by hand printing with antique letterpress printers blocks on Italian paper. The result, a unique, modern custom piece of work for your home or for a gift. Really, the options are endless. You provide Gretchen wtih 20-25 words (numbers/letters ok too) that mean something to you and suggest a color preference you'd like, and she creates the work. Perfect for a wedding gift (get the couple to give you the words). Baby gift, or expat parting gift (all the things that remind you of Brussels). It takes 4-6 weeks for a framed piece.

Tell her A Broad In Belgium sent you (or Kimberley).

See the website at

Happy Shopping!!!

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