Aug 4, 2009

Book Cover

It's Almost Here.....My hugely anticipated (at least by me) book. For those who have not been following my blog that long...shame on you! ;) This project had been three years in the making and has endured many hurdles and near death experiences, along with a wild ride through today's economy. Look ma, no hands! But, it has arrived. Of course, the date is still a long way off ...March. But it is going to happen. Yoopie. Stay tuned for the official release of our Culinary Adventures.

Inside the book will be stunning photos by L.A. based photographer Lou Lesko, delicious recipes from chef Laura Schmalhorst and fun stories, interviews and anecdotes from yours truly.

We will likely have a party here in Brussels, as well as in the US (Florida and L.A.) and of course, the Dordogne. If you are interested in attending, please email me at and let me know where I can send you an invitation.

Also, if you are on facebook, please join the Walnut Wine & Truffle Groves group. I have uploaded some photos and links, and I promise to keep you informed of the release date and any fun parties I'll be having in honor of the birth!

Interested in hosting a party for moi? I come with a great chef and booze!

In the mean time, check back regularly here or on the running press site

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