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Society of American Travel Writers
"Kimberley Lovato’s joyous Walnut Wine & Truffle Groves has everything one could want in a travel book: a deep appreciation of the culture of the Dordogne region of France, insight into how the people live and think, fascinating information about history and geography, practical tips for visiting there and outstanding photographs by Lou Lesko. And then there’s the bonus: chef Laura Schmalhorst’s recipes for re-creating the exquisite dishes Lovato sampled on her culinary adventures."

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
“This book takes the idea of travelogue-cookbook and turns it into a thing of beauty.”

Bob Batz, Jr., Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
“I now yearn to go to and eat my way through a region I’ve never stopped in, thanks to a pretty and approachable new book that’s part travelogue, part cookbook, and all delicious.”

The Chicago Tribune, May 30, 2010
“This handsome book tries to introduce readers to one of France's best culinary destinations, a bucolic province about 100 miles east of Bordeaux. Author Kimberley Lovato describes Dordogne as "undiscovered territory," a place where one can easily — and joyfully — get lost. Lovato visits local farms, markets and wineries, offering a culinary portrait of a region and its people. 
What's more, she includes many wonderful recipes, such as roasted eggplant and 
the aperitif vin de noix (walnut wine), a sweet dark wine made from green walnuts. 
Gorgeous color photographs too.”

The Feast, May 2010
“This cookbook brings home the flavor of your travel memories, and for those who haven’t visited, the recipes provide a total immersion into the art of Périgord cooking… Like the food you will experience, take time for this adventure. Go slow. Enjoy. Savor. The Dordogne is a must-see travel destination if you believe in fairytales, or if you need evidence of their sure existence.”, May 24, 2010
“A ‘culinary adventure’ for foodies and Francophiles.”

Glendale News Press, June 5, 2010 
"It is a collection of biographies featuring regional chefs and winery owners and other culinary entrepreneurs of the Dordogne region of France. It is a travel guide, painting vivid pictures of the beautiful countryside and the subtle elegance of the local culture to be lapped up by many an armchair traveler. Lastly, it is a cookbook featuring tantalizing recipes for any gourmet… This is a wonderful book for many to enjoy!"

San Francisco Review, September 14, 2010
"The exquisite experiential writing of author Kimberley Lovato is perfectly complemented with the stunning photographs of Lou Lesko which eventually will draw readers to plan a visit to the charming town of Dordogne, France. The pages therein are a delectable assortment of personal stories from the various characters that have fallen in love with the region and recipes of Chef Laura Schmalhorst which celebrate traditions and local gourmet jewels like the highly coveted truffle, foie gras, and walnut wine. While Schmalhorst’s recipes which commemorate Périgord cuisine were a little harder for me to prepare were beyond doubt the most enjoyable and rewarding. Experience the region that has touched the author deeply. The admirable outcome of her emotions for the local people, artisans, and their crafts is a brilliant almost fairy-tale like narration that will keep you wanting more.”

The Expeditioner (, November 1, 2010
"The book’s vivid photos, intimate stories, and pages of recipes, gives it a fresh, more immersed approach to travel writing by escorting the reader on an adventure through the senses…Lovato paints a tangible picture that is deliberately enticing."

France On Your Own, November 2010
“I must begin by saying that this captivating book kept me smiling from beginning to end.  Written with warmth, love and a keen sense of the humor… a must-own book for every Francophile and would-be French chef.”

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